Live The Life You Imagined


What did you dream about in your adolescence?

Did you dream about being a doctor? A musician? An astronaut? An actress? A firefighter? The president?

I dreamt about having a maid because I hated having to clean up on Saturday mornings, washing out the tub, cleaning the tiles, emptying the trash, doing dishes. Whenever my mother would call me into the kitchen for a cooking lesson, I’d tell her that I was going to have someone do that for me.

She’d just chuckle.

It wasn’t a discouraging chuckle, more like “Okay, but in the meantime, until you have that maid, you need to learn how to cook.”

Well, I don’t have that maid and quite honestly, unless he or she is a chef, I’d rather cook my own food. Now, I wouldn’t mind someone taking care of the house 24/7. I’m still working towards that dream.

I also dreamt about being a famous actress and jet-setting around the world. I’ve realized variations of that dream. I did my acting bit in my twenties and once the kids came and I moved from L.A. back to the East Coast, I put the career in temporary suspension.

As far as jet-setting, yeah, I guess you could say I do a little of that. I haven’t put a dent in my long list of places to see because things keep coming up. And that’s probably the point of this post: Something always comes up – how do we get past it?

I don’t think it’s ever too late to give up on our dreams.  As long as we keep them forward and center, they will always be there for us to make a reality.

I also believe that we need to frame the whole “dream” conversation differently. Dream seems so…dreamy, like it’s something that you can only obtain if you close your eyes real hard, squint, and do ten turns with your arms spread wide.

A better word is goal.

When you frame a desire as a goal instead of a dream, you work more actively and consciously toward obtaining it instead of putting it out there in the ether where it can only manifest if the stars align in a specific way. If your dream is a goal, then call it that. Treat it like an action and work towards it.

Leave your dreams to the land of snoring. And while you’re not asleep, wake up and go confidently in the direction of where you want to go.